Theodolite Wild T2 Second

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Theodolite Wild T2 Second

Ready Theodolite Wild T2
Kondisi Bekas

Termasuk :
Unit Theodolite Wild T2 Second
Alumunium tripod
Rambu ukur 5m

Spesifikasi :

The pinnacle of “Old World” crafsmanship; made in Switzerland
Superb optics with 30x telescope
Erect image
Graduated in degrees
Vertical and horizontal angles read directly to 1″ via internal micrometer
Simultaneous reading of opposite sides of circle eliminate need for face right and face left observations to correct for circle eccentricity.
Vertical angle compensation for quick and reliable reading
All-metal chassis
Removeable tribrach
Never needs batteries
Suitable for all high-accuracy surveying, and entry-level optical tooling applicatons
The “new style” Wild T2 is “top of the line” for mechanical-optical surveying instruments. The serial number identifies this as manufactured near the end of production. It is in excellent + cosmetic and operating condition.


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