Total station Hi – Target 420 R (laser)

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Total Station Hi-Target HTS 420 R (laser)

Dual-axis reflectorless total station 2 accuracy with 350m range Wireless bluetooth communication Big storage, can be extended up to 32GB Convenient data import and export with USB port

Key features
1) Dual-aixs compensator
2) 600m reflectorless measuring range
3) Big data storage and bluetooth connection
Detail advantage functions
Dual-axis Compensation
The HTS-420R is configured with advanced dual-axis compensator for auto error elimination and auto accuracy compensation.
Absolute Encoding
The absolute encoding disk ensures high accuracy, efficiency and stable performance. No need to initialize but to measure the angle immediately as the HTS-420R is turned on. The previous data and setting are automatically saved. No data or setting is missed even though the HTS-420R is power-off unexpectedly.
High-performance MCU
Based on ARM Cortex™-M processor, the SMT32 MCU enabling the HTS-420R extra high processing speed and low-power consumption.
The Bluetooth wireless technology makes HTS-420R accessible to any data collector for real-time communication. The third party field software such as Carlson SurvCE is fully compatible with the HTS-420.
Data Storage
Diversified data transfer options such as SD card and Micro-USB port, which can work perfectly with our complimentary dual port USB disk.
Adjustable backlight of the screen and the keyboard offer you a visible condition to work in the dark.
Diagonal Eyepiece
Support diagonal eyepiece for observations at steep line of sight.
Calibration Software
Real-time diagnosis can be run with HI-TARGET Calibration software, to find out the problem quickly to ensure trouble-free operation.
New Data Transfer Software
The newly easy-to-use data transfer software supports different type of output data format, which can be used in AutoCAD or other brands’post processing software.
Angle Measurement

Include :
– Tripod
– Primsa AK
– Prisma Ads
– Stik pole


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