Total Station South NTS 382r10

Total Station South NTS 382r10

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Total Station South NTS 382r10

2 x Aluminium Tripod
1 x Prisma Polygon
1 x Range Pole
1 x Single Prism
1 x Cable Data
1 x Software Data

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Total Station South NTS 382r10

●Reflectorless 1000m
●3.5" true color highlighted screen
●Dual-axis Compensation
●Laser Pointing
●Smart T-P Sensor
●Ultrafast Measurement
●Laser Plummet
●Storage Options


MAX RANGE Reflectorless 1000m
Reflector 5.0km
sheet 1.0km
Object in shade,Or sky overcast
Accuracy Reflectorless Fine ±(3+2ppmxD)mm
Reflector Fine ±(2+2ppmxD)mm
IR Sheet ±(2+2ppmxD)mm
Reading Max: 999999999,999 Min: 0.1mm
Measuring time Reflectorless fine mode:0.3s tracking Mode:<0.1s
Atmospheriq correction Manual input,Auto correction
Prim Constant Manual input,Auto correction
Temperatur Sensor Freecale sensor
Angel Measurement
Measuring method Absolute Encoding
Dia Of Encoder Disk 79mm
Minimum Reading 0,1″
Accuracy 2″
Detection method Horizontal Dual, Vertical Dual
Optical Plummet
Image erect
Magnification 3x
Focusing Range  0.5m
Field of View 5⁰
Image Erect
Tube Length 154mm
Effective Aperture 48mm,(EDM:50mm)
Magnification 30x
Field of View 1⁰30′
Minimum focus Distance 1.2m
Resolving power 3″
Auto compesatio
system Dual axis Liquid Eletric
Working Range ±3′
Accuracy 1″
plate Vial 30’/2m
Circular Vial 8’/2m
On-board  Battrey
Type Rechangeable Lithium Battery
Volttage D.c 7.4V
continous operation time 8 hrs
Data Communication RS-232,USB,SD Card
keyboard Alphanumeric 28 keys
Working temperature -20C⁰+50C⁰
Dimension and Weight 165x150x335mm,5.2kg
Plummet optical or laser plummet optional


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